Every Girl’s Alphabet and Every Boy’s Alphabet: Limited Editions

Every Girl’s and Every Boy’s Alphabet are destined to be collectable classics, in which sensitive observation and clever use of form combine to create two beautiful companion pieces. Printed in Martineau, a new font made for this project, on 160gsm Heritage Bookwhite paper and presented in their own gift box, each edition is limited to 145 standard cloth copies (£95) and 5 luxury copies in full leather with onlays (£450).

The affection visible in each of Luke’s characteristically fluid figures is matched by Kate Bingham’s tender and witty single lines, written to appeal to adults as much as to the puzzling younger mind. Although they treat the theme of childhood, Every Girl’s and Every Boy’s Alphabet are for all of us, capturing as they do so much that is true of boys and girls of any age. The perfect gift, these books are also a must for any collector of Luke’s and the two Kates’ work.